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Fashion + Fetish + Art + NFT  =  Worldwide First Pop Art Heels Collection!

The story behind

Already in my childhood I discovered my passion for high heels on women's feet. Then, in the eighties I also discovered my passion for photography and that was the perfect fit to express my early fetish fantasies.

In the early nineties I then opened the legendary "Mey's Bar" and another dance club in Berlin together with my family. During this time I have always remained faithful to photography and have made first small exhibitions.

In the mid-nineties, I made photography my main profession and joined Germany's largest publishing house as a professional photographer. In 1996 I opened my first photo studio with two other photographers. Many years in press, advertising and fashion photography followed.

In 1999 my exhibition "Berlin - New York" was part of the „Long Night of Museums“ at Quartier 206 in Berlin.

After many years in the professional business of photography, in 2010 I started converting my high heels photographs into Pop Art style for the first time. During this time I created my first (and only edition) of a catalog with almost 200 Pop Art works under the name "HIGH HEELED MOMENTS". Unfortunately, this kind of my work did not find much interest at that time.

After 20 years in professional photography, my passion was kind of lost in the daily effort to earn the rent, which is why I switched to the field of brand development in 2017. With my graphic skills and my joy in telling stories, I have developed several brands in the hotel and restaurant industry. My cameras got all dusty during that time.

The age of NFTs has now opened up a whole new perspective for me! Now I can suddenly combine my passion for strong women in luxurious high heels and my passion for photography and graphics into one art direction.

The result is my first NFT collection "POP ART HEELS". But the most important thing is: I found my old passions again and they are now stronger than ever! Thanks to all who made NFTs possible and great!

A special thanks to my wife Malivisia who has always supported and lived my high heels fetish together with me.

In addition, my thanks goes also to a man whom I have unfortunately never met in person, but who has not only created THE perfect high heel, but also fueled my passion in an extraordinary way with his work: Christian Louboutin! Dear Christian, my art is also a tribute to your art!

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